1. The Lambton
2. Moustache Ray
3. The Phantom Sailor 
4. The Mayflower 
5. The Widow's Walk 
6. A Date With Destiny

7. No Turning Back
8. Algoma was a Lean Marine Machine
9. The Storm of 1913
10. La Salle's Griffon
11. The Sinking of the Asia
12. I am the Lighthouse Beam
13. The Island Queen
14. The Waubuno's Battle

Elise Dallaire - vocals & back-up vocals
Barry Haggerty - Acoustic/Electric Guitar
Darcy McCord - Cello
Steve O'Connor - Accordian
Andrew Affleck - Bass Guitar
Christian Harvey - Percussion
John Crown - Percussion

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Copyright 1998 Elise Dallaire

Elise is currently wrapping up production on her new cd Let Me In.
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