1. Wind of Change
2. She's Not Just Not A Mother
3. More Than I Bargained For
4. Good Time Friends and Barstool  Buddies
5. Try My Sweet Love Potion
6. Let Me In

7. Into The Arms Of Love
8. We Found Paradise
9. My Heart Has Turned To Stone
10. I Remember Him
11. Guess He's Gone
12. Make Me A Jug Of Margueritas
14. Moonstruck
15. Still After All These Years
16. Cooped Up In The House Everyday Blues

Elise Dallaire - vocals
Barry Haggerty - Acoustic/Electric Guitar
Ken Post - Drums
Steve O'Connor - Keyboard/Squeezebox/Organ
Andrew Affleck - Bass Guitar
Tony Hignett - Steel Guitar
Danny Washburn & Elise - Back-up Vocals

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Copyright 1998 Elise Dallaire

Sample of song on newest production "Let Me In" is More Than I Bargained For.
To download an mp3 of this song, Click Here